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Recorded Books
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Douglas Stuart: Young Mungo

Mungo raised his hand to wave up at the window but Mo-Maw glowered down at him. He must have seen her face harden, or perhaps he thought waving was childish, because he aborted the gesture and grasped a fistful of air, which made him seem like a drowning man. In his baggy shorts and his […]

Kirjaluotsi Iso-Britannia, Recorded Books, Stuart Douglas, Ulkomainen kaunokirjallisuus 12/05/2022 4 kommenttia 6 min lukuaika Lue lisää
Miriam Toews: All My Puny Sorrows

Elfrieda has a fresh cut just above her left eyebrow. There are seven stitches holding her forehead together. The stitches are black and stiff and the ends poke out of her head like little antennae. I asked her how she got that cut and she told me that she fell in the washroom. Who knows […]

Kirjaluotsi Kanada, Recorded Books, Toews Miriam, Ulkomainen kaunokirjallisuus 19/11/2021 2 kommenttia 6 min lukuaika Lue lisää
Maaza Mengiste: The Shadow King

This is how the ambush begins: with the slow rise of a monarch’s shadow from a tall mountain peak. With the emperor’s faint image caught in the whir and snap of a camera, reflected in the glint of a lens to ricochet against fog and hill. As Kidane’s army, new recruits and seasoned fighters, prepares […]

Kirjaluotsi Etiopia, Mengiste Maaza, Recorded Books, Ulkomainen kaunokirjallisuus 12/10/2020 0 kommenttia 5 min lukuaika Lue lisää

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