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18/04/2024 0 kommenttia
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Kotimaisten kirjojen ja käännöskirjojen lisäksi luen paljon muilla kielillä. Eniten englanniksi, toiseksi eniten espanjaksi ja myös silloin tällöin ranskaksi ja italiaksi. Tältä sivulta löydät kootusti kaikki blogissa käsitellyt englanninkieliset kirjat. Arviot on kirjoitettu suomeksi, mutta keväästä 2024 alkaen olen alkanut lisätä niihin tiivistelmän englanniksi. Toivottavasti siitä on iloa niille sivukävijöille, jotka eksyvät kiinnostavan kirjan perässä tänne Suomen ulkopuolelta.

>> Tutustu myös espanjan-, ranskan- ja italiankielisiin kirjoihin

In addition to Finnish books and books translated into Finnish, I read a lot in other languages. Mostly in English, second most in Spanish and also occasionally in French and Italian. On this page you will find all the English-language books covered on the blog. The reviews are written in Finnish, but from spring 2024 onwards I have started to include a summary in English. I hope that it will be useful for those visitors who wander in from outside Finland in search of an interesting book.

>> See also books in Spanish, French and Italian

Books in English

  • Pam Williams: A Trace of Sun

    ‘Raef. Listen to me. You go have to be a big boy and try to understand.’He nodded, although his interest was already drifting to the very pinkest of shells in the pile the others…

  • Suzie Miller: Prima Facie

    I look about me questioningly. The media are scribbling, Julian’s KC is talking to his instructing solicitor, making out it is nothing to him, that if the jury aren’t there, this doesn’t add anything.…

  • Isabella Hammad: Enter Ghost

    Nothing is more flattering to an artist than the illusion that he is a secret revolutionary. These public developments created a feeling among the cast that we were, in fact, preparing ourselves on a…

  • Gabriela Wiener: Undiscovered

    Even though his mission was just your garden-variety nineteenth-century scientific expedition, at dinner with friends I often joke that my great-great-grandfather was a huaquero of international repute. Huaquero is not a euphemism. It’s how…

  • Mirinae Lee: 8 Lives of a Century-Old Trickster

    She recognized the puzzlement on my face and asked me where my gohyang was, probably in effort to help my understanding. “I’m from Ulsan, Gyeongsang-do,” I told her. But I added that I didn’t…

  • Michael Finkel: The Art Thief: A True Story of Love, Crime, and a Dangerous Obsession

    Take the ivory Adam and Eve. There’s a profusion of symbolism embedded in the piece, augmenting a notable consistency of proportion and a fine balance of pose. Or so a museum tour guide would…

  • Laura Cumming: Thunderclap: A Memoir of Art and Life and Sudden Death

    I cannot get enough of Dutch art. You can turn to this other world – and it is a picture world as no other, a whole society visualised through time and place, seasons and…

  • Joanna Biggs: A Life of One’s Own: Nine Women Writers Begin Again

    I used to want desperately to be a ‘proper’ critic, to be taken seriously, to have full command of history and theory, but I don’t want that anymore. I don’t want to ‘admire’ writing…

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