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Ayọ̀bámi Adébáyọ̀: A Spell of Good Things

Ẹniọlá shrugged; he was grateful for the food he had just eaten. The quantity of food available for dinner varied from day to day because his parents were still trying to pay off the landlord. In spite of his mother’s pleas, Ẹniọlá now refused to go begging again since none of the money would go […]

Kirjaluotsi Adébáyọ̀ Ayọ̀bámi, Canongate Books, Nigeria, Ulkomainen kaunokirjallisuus 06/03/2023 2 kommenttia 5 min lukuaika Lue lisää
Lisa Halliday: Asymmetry

When they’d thrown their plastic cups away and pushed politely past the others back to their seats, the pianist returned to her bench and stared at the keys reflected there in the high ebony gloss with what seemed a superhuman concentration. Then she flung up her wrists, flared her nostrils, and the Hammerklavier was sprung […]

Kirjaluotsi Granta, Halliday Lisa, Ulkomainen kaunokirjallisuus, Yhdysvallat 10/02/2020 0 kommenttia 5 min lukuaika Lue lisää

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