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Emma Donoghue
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Emma Donoghue: Akin

The pizza arrived startlingly fast, seared with black from the wood fired oven. It smelled so good, Noah somewhat regretted ordering the fish.Michael glowered. ”I knew there’d be goddamn margherita.””Those are just basil leaves, for a garnish.” Noah lifted one off with his fork.”I don’t eat fucking garnish.” Michael gouged them out and flicked them […]

Kirjaluotsi Donoghue Emma, Hachette Audio, Irlanti, Kanada, Ulkomainen kaunokirjallisuus 24/01/2021 0 kommenttia 6 min lukuaika Lue lisää
Emma Donoghue: Room

In the world I notice persons are nearly always stressed and have no time. Even Grandma often says that, but she and Steppa don’t have jobs, so I don’t know how persons with jobs do the jobs and all the living as well. In Room me and Ma had time for everything. I guess the […]

Kirjaluotsi Donoghue Emma, Irlanti, Kanada, Macmillan Digital Audio, Ulkomainen kaunokirjallisuus 03/01/2021 0 kommenttia 5 min lukuaika Lue lisää
Emma Donoghue: The Pull of the Stars

Doctor Lynn peered into the abdominal cavity, which was pulpy with dark juice. She dictated: Liver swollen, signs of internal bleeding. Kidney inflamed and oozing. Colon ulcerated.  I followed her scalpel with my own, taking samples.  She murmured, We could always blame the stars. I beg your pardon, Doctor? That’s what influenza means: influenza delle stelle–the influence of […]

Kirjaluotsi Donoghue Emma, Irlanti, Kanada, Picador, Ulkomainen kaunokirjallisuus 13/12/2020 0 kommenttia 5 min lukuaika Lue lisää

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